~ The Art of Showing Up ~

Some pages from my journals:



To create….is a daily practice, whether it’s painting or drawing or writing or cooking or crafting or gardening or making pots….etc. It’s about daily practice, Doing it! Brush to canvas,pencil to pad,pen to paper (or fingers to keys), pot to stove,needle to yarn,trowel to dirt,hands to clay….you have to show up to get better. It’s not about wishing or making excuses or even just about studying the “Masters”. We have to make the quality decision to just show up each day. Put the time in. Make the space for what is important to you, what you feel you are gifted or called or just love  to do. Because the days are going to go by anyway, and unless you are willing to stuff that desire (if you even can), it is going to be deep inside calling out to you. I believe we all have gifting, talents that sometimes surprise even ourselves. We just need a door opened up or the encouragement  of a friend, to be brave enough to step out and give it a try. What is holding you back? Is it the “I’m just not creative” speech? Or the “I just don’t have time right now” line? We all have creativity inside of us, it’s in our genes (DNA) from our Heavenly Father, whom, might I remind you, created the Universe. We also, all have the same 24 hours in a day. Some of us do have more demands on us than others. Some of which we have put on ourselves! There are also seasons in our lives that are busier than others seasons. But don’t put off what very well my be a God given desire because of busyness or God forbid, FEAR! Jump in with both feet and take a chance. ” In the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take.”

PS….This is me “showing up”! 😉

Update: Here is a link to a TED TALK on creativity that I thought was really good.

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