~ Spring Ahead ~

seersucker knit scarfIt’s Spring! We’re ready for sun and warmth. Ahh , the changing of the seasons….I love Spring! Spring is my favorite. It’s brings with it such a sense of hope, new beginnings and new life…and apparently, a new blog post.

We are head first in the middle of a kitchen remodel. My former kitchen has exploded into three rooms. We now have a temporary “kitchen” in the living room, which Delilah thinks is great, “everyone should have a living room kitchen!”. The new, heated tile floor is in, appliances are ordered, dry wall is being spackled and I’m working on a tile decision for back splash. Cooking has been interesting, my refrigerator is in the dining room and my stove is on wheels (which makes it about 5 inches higher than normal). I, on the other hand, have remained the same height. But, I do like progress, even if it’s messy, so it’s all good.

The girls are both four now, and amazing, of course! They make me smile and laugh every single day. It’s a different view from the “Nana” seat, relaxing and joy filled. Some things seem more important, so you stop and take the time. Others, not nearly as big of a deal, so you smile and let it pass. My mom always said it was different and so great and no one understands until it happens….again Mom was right!

teal bulky scarf

seersucker knit scarf

So on another note, I’ve started knitting. Well,I actually started last winter with two garter stitch scarves. Since I’ve crocheted for years, I’m much faster at that, so I set the knitting aside. Then over this winter I saw a scarf that I liked, it happened to be on the Creative Bug website that I belong to and take classes on. I watched the preview and this was suppose to be the perfect 2nd project for a beginner knitter, so I was in. Long story short I’m on my 4th scarf and I guess I’m a knitter! Having said that, all things “knitting” are catching my eye. I saw a clip on FB and googled it and found this video of  “Knitted Knockers”, catchy name for a sweet idea and  touching story. The website has pdf  patterns for knitting and crochet (not such a catchy name when they are crocheted). Sweet, if you know someone in need.

Bye for now, I’ll forgo any promises of frequent posts!





  1. A kitchen in your living room?!?! Wow, now I understand a little more why you can’t make it to Atlanta. Can hardly wait to see the finished product. Sounds like there’s never a dull moment when it comes to food prep and family pleasures. Both appear to be changing and becoming more of a joy with every passing day.
    It’s funny…I’ve been thinking about your crochet and knitting lately. It was one of the reasons I wanted you to come down. I’ll be telling you about it soon, although it might prompt yet another interest for you to pursue so maybe it’s best you don’t witness it first hand. Regardless, I’m always so happy to see ANY of your creations (this blog update being one of them!), so keep up those designs, Patricia Fisher. 😉

    • Patricia Fisher says:

      Thanks for stopping by,Lisa. I can always count on you to read and comment,and I do truly appreciate it! You have me enticed by this new interest that you speak of, do tell. I hope we can talk face to face very soon! Love you!

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