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Delilah and GretaIt’s July already, the summer always speeds by. Maybe everywhere else also, but I know in the Northeast we seem to have this window of time that is ticking away in our minds similar to the maternal clock of a childless women (although, I’m sure not nearly as desperate feeling). Still, we view our opportunities for outdoor activities within the window of Memorial Day to Labor Day, with the daring and more adventurous extending it through Columbus weekend (which can end in disaster!….or at least rain… lol). Graduation parties, weddings, family reunions,baseball games, barbecues, picnics, pig roasts, camping trips, boating adventures, family vacations and yard sales, all fall into this window. As well as, weekly lawn mowing, gardening, outside home repair and of course, leisurely laying by the pool with the list of “summer reads”. It’s no wonder it goes by so quickly!

With all that being said, I’ve added a 3 year old to my summer schedule, seeing how her mom, my baby girl, got a new job. Three year old’s are nothing new to me, mind you. I’ve had 5 of my own….it’s just been nineteen years since I’ve had full days of caring for one. So, I’m adjusting! She is napping right now and I can’t leave her alone to go mow or garden, so, here I am typing away. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll find me here more often. Although my lawn may be able to be cut for hay within a short time……..stay tuned!


  1. Well, isn’t this delightful! Short and sweet definitely works for me.
    Well said about summertime. Even in the South I feel that clock ticking. How I wish I was there to spend some of this sleeping baby girl down-time with you, but I AM thrilled at the possibility of seeing you here more often. From my first days of reading blogs I saw that many began theirs simply to stay in touch with long distance family. Now that we’re apart I can certainly understand why. Thanks for a touch of familiar through your picture and prose. It’s good to hear your “voice”. ❤

  2. Patricia Fisher says:

    Good to hear from you also. All though a little sad, I guess this blog does help keep in touch with family,you’re right. Can’t wait to see you in person.

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