~ What I Learned in March ~

art suppliesSometimes you have to really stop and wonder, “what did I learn this month?”. This was one of those times. It seems the months that I’ve kept an ongoing list, I don’t ever get around to actually linking up with Emily Freeman, over at Chatting At The Sky, to share my learning experiences. This month I started a list at the beginning of March, but I didn’t keep up with it, so I had to think back over the month….and yep, I learned a few things alright. Unfortunately, I missed the link up, but I decided to post this anyway.

vintage suitcase

1. I found out a little about how the show, “The Antique Roadshow works”. How they pick what and who goes on the air. How the experts know the info. What happens after your stuff is appraised for $$$$. Just in case you have some family heirlooms you’re curious about, check it out here.

2. (This may have happened in February) okay it did, but it’s worth mentioning here now. My sister introduced me to a new store, Soma. I don’t know where I’ve been! Well, honestly I do pretty much just shop T.J.Maxx, but whatever! We were at the outlets in St. Augustine, and I bought the most comfortable pair of pajamas ever! I wish I could wear them all day, and I might have a couple days at my brother and sister-in-laws place in Florida, just saying.

3. So after 8 1/2 years of marriage, 12 1/2 years of “togetherness”, I learned that my husband, the Beekeeper, doesn’t like egg noodles! WHAT! Who doesn’t like egg noodles? Well, my husband apparently. So from now on his dishes will be perched upon rice, preferable wild rice I’m told. Okay then!

Golden Retriever

4a. There is room in my heart to love yet another golden retriever.

4b. It’s a lot harder to housebreak a puppy without 5 kids in the house to help take turns taking the puppy out. I don’t think this needs an explanation.

sheart5. This one has actually been an on going learning experience since January and will continue. I’ve been taking Christy Tomlinson’s,  SheArt workshops, and I’m learning a lot about mixed media and enjoying every minute.

power plant

6. My hubby gave me an overview of how electrical power plants works as we drove by this one, which sits right at the end of a nice little lake and I always think “this is so ugly and why is it right here?” Now I know, and I’ll try to appreciate it more the next time. (Life with an electrician)

Marketplace On Chestnut

7. I learned that, yes,  if you wait patiently and ask nice enough for long enough, and are willing to pay the booth rent you can have the biggest and nicest space at the antique store. I also learned that we had enough inventory to fill it. Now to keep it filled for the busy summer season. Fun, Fun!

So, nothing mind boggling, but it was only March in NY. What have you been learning?



  1. Wowsers! Lots and lots of fun learning last month, huh? I’ll be checking out some of these links (yes, even the electric plants info because, now that you’ve pointed it out, my curiosity is piqued). And OH…that pretty outfit you wore here was PJ’s? So beautiful…who knew? 😉 Looking forward to catching up in person soon. Love….

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