~ What I Learned in November ~

Golden RetrieverI haven’t participated in this in awhile, but I’m linking up with Emily Freeman over at Chatting at the Sky, for a look back at what I learned in November. This is an interesting and fun thing to do, even if you don’t have a blog. It’s amazing looking back and realizing you’re still learning, or should be!

1. My first thing learned was actually from my sister-in-laws post from lasts month “What I learned in…”. She introduced me to Glennon Doyle Melton and her blog Monastery. A great new find for me, love it and her (and my sister-in-law).

2. Secondly, is more a matter of admitting about myself rather than just learning….I seriously have a problem following a recipe. I always start out  planning to follow it, but somewhere along the way I convince myself that a little more of this or that, or omitting this or that, or substituting what I’m certain will improve the dish or “work just as well”, and sometimes it does! The point does remain, I’m ADD when it comes to following a recipe….I do love to make up my own though!

3. Our sweet dog Riley wasn’t feeling well last month, so we took her to the vet. They prescribed a medication, but instead of handing us a bottle of pills they gave us the scrip and sent us to the pharmacy! Okay, maybe others are use to this, but as for us, we just looked at each other like ” Okkk?” strange but OK. So, apparently she is on “people pills”. New to us…when did this become normal?

4. Technically speaking, with the assistance of the same sister-in-law I have finally figured out the drop down menus on my blog. It’s endless, there’s more space than I have information to share, but if I feel so inclined, I now have the space and the know how.

5. …and lastly, I learned after more years than I care to mention, after marrying (the first time) at 18, becoming a mom at 22, again at 24…26…28…and 31, a single mom at 39, a new wife again (thank-you Jesus for this man!) at 43, a Nana, and an empty-nester (sort of), for the very first time I’ve worked!..outside of our home!…for pay!…and I liked it!

See you next time…keep learning! 


  1. I was hoping you were going to do this this month. Yay! I love it. The picture of Riley is terrific AND I’m so glad she’s doing better. I’m thankful we got to spend a little bit of November together getting a few things done. Over and over I “learn” how very much I value our time together. No matter how short, it’s always sweet. Also…it’s so cool about you working. Honestly, it actually hit me a while ago (in the middle of the night) what a H-UUUGE deal this is and it makes me really proud of you for this “first”! Congratulations!!!…. and I’m really sorry I didn’t “get out my pom-poms” when you told us all that day. The conversation definitely should have stopped! So how about a belated Sis-boom-bah from your sis-in-law! I love you ♥

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