~ Oh, Go Bake a Cake! ~

I’ve been in cake baking mode. I love cake! I like to look at them (as you can tell here), I like to make them and I like to eat them. They are far better than pies in my book, or even than the ice cream that people pile on them. So, I was on Pinterest a few days ago and found this cake. It looked good and I love the name, so I printed the recipe and gave it a shot. 

The first thing that happened, on the very first step of making the white cake was my mixer died! My beloved Kitchen Aid! We’ve been together for 14 or 15 years, I wanted to cry (I’m serious, well, pretty serious). So I dug out the only hand mixer I have left after giving my good one to my youngest daughter. This one is actually my good  immersion blender that came with attachments.  I was reluctant to use it for a big task thinking I might burn it out. It did however, see me through the job. So, now I have the white layers baked and cooling, the brownie layer in the oven and I’m just beginning to mix up the cream cheese frosting. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that we had a tornado warning for that evening. Just as I begin to beat the butter and cream cheese…..our power goes out!!! We do have a gas stove, but with electric ignition and my brownie layer is in the oven. Since the oven is up to temperature and it’s half way through the baking time I leave the door closed and hope for the best. I wait, but the power doesn’t come back on. So I wrap the cake layers after cooling, including the brownie, which seems to have “weathered the storm”, so to speak. I refrigerate the beginning of the frosting and the beginnings of the chocolate sauce which I had already placed in a pan on the stove. I go to bed, only to awaken at 1:15 am by the electric company removing a limb that had become entangled in the wires across the street during the storm. The power was back on, but no cake constructing in my immediate future. In the morning the Beekeeper informs me that a couple limbs came down in the storm on our pasture fence, the pasture that the horses were in! So, we load everything for tree removal and fence repair on the wagon and 4-wheeler and head up to the pasture, only to find two whole trees that have to come down and be removed…..hours of work! We were almost finished and ready to close up the large hole in the fence, when the lovable, very old, pretending to be sleeping pony darts through the fence while my back is turned! Do I have to even say that this gave the other three, normally well behaved, much larger horses the incentive that they needed to also dart through the broken down fence! Now we have four very happy, very large, four-legged creatures enjoying the well groomed lawn of my Dad’s rental property. I yell for the Beekeeper, who laughs at my inability to control my small herd and we contemplate how to best rectify the situation. Too late! One moves, they all move (they are a herd you know?), through the stone wall and into the cemetery! Unhook the wagon, hop on the 4-wheeler and begin the round-up. So, fast forward….we “guided” them into the other pasture and loaded all the fire wood that would fit on the wagon and  headed home. We arrive to find my dad, sister, daughter and two grandchildren waiting on the deck for us. A shower for me, a dip in the pool for him and mojitos for the house, all is well!

What about the cake, you ask? I did finally finish it, whipped the frosting, heated up the brownie layer a little, made up the chocolate sauce and put it all together.




Given the circumstances of the way this cake was made, it didn’t turn out too bad. If made the “normal” way and if the Beekeeper and I liked brownies, which neither of us do, (I remembered this once again as we were each eating a piece after dinner), I think this would be a keeper recipe. So, give it a try. Here is the post where I found the recipe, here is the website of the creator of the recipe, and here is her book Surprise-Inside Cakes , which does look very fun. Happy baking!


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