~ All of The Flowers in My Life ~

Me and my Kiddos

My Kiddos

My little girls

Nana's helper

Angelina Ballerina

Delilah Ruth

The Women FolkThere is one female family members missing in this photo (you know who you are….hurry home, we miss you!)

P.S. Your son took this picture for us. What a blessing he is.

My Garden

macro Peonies

Peonies macro




Jan knows how to host a get together.


Sam, keeping away from the little girls.

~ And this happened ~


beeswax 2

melted beeswax

beeswax lip balm

beeswax lip balm

beeswax lip balm and hand cream

beeswax lip balm and hand cream

Coming soon to the Beehive Shoppe!

Beeswax lip balm & hand cream.

(As soon as I figure out labels!)

Baby girls

….and then this happened….

My baby girl and her baby girl went back to the sunshine state.

My skies are a little less blue….


Till next time…..


  1. A-dorable post! I wanna come home!! I’m beginning to understand why many have said they started blogs in order to keep long-distance family updated on their lives.This is not just a post…this is a touch of home to me, bringing shared joy, smiles, tears and a huge sense of belonging. Thank you! I LOVE YOU

    • Patricia Fisher says:

      Kind words…Thank-you Lisa! Can’t wait for the two of you to be back, we’ll make more memories. Love you!

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