~ Out of Hibernation ~

Eek….I haven’t blogged in two months! I told  myself that “I haven’t had anything to say”, which may or may not be true. Trust me I have said plenty over the last eight weeks!  I’ve even written some things down…in my journal. But, I did however take a breather from the blog world, posting myself and reading others. But I’m back, at least reading what others have to say, and maybe adding my two cents here and there.peach blossoms

 Spring has finally come to the Northeast, and I think I can speak for most of us…..we’re thrilled, relieved, excited and very thankful! I’m sure this Winter wasn’t that much different than the ones of my childhood, but frankly that’s been awhile and I guess I’ve become a wimp. I was among those saying “UNCLE” this year!

So here’s what’s happening in our little world…..


new beehives

We had three hives of bees that survived the long cold winter. We ordered in five more packages, they’re in the hives and doing well, and we have four more nucs coming soon.

honeybee on a dandelion

honeybee on an apple blossom



My garden


magnolia blossom

Spring around here reminds me of when the movie The Wizard of Oz goes from black and white to color. Such a happy, hopeful, magical (not that I really believe in magic) moment. Likewise, we too have color again….YAY!  Our Magnolia tree was beautiful this year, such a welcoming sight in the front yard, along with the Forsythia as a backdrop. 

sunflower babies




johnny jump ups

Lots of new plants “springing” out of the warm ground….Sunflower seedlings (from fallen seeds last year), I need to thin these and find new homes for some…Rhubarb (so cool looking)….peas just starting….and kale, that will produce through the late fall (gotta love that!)….and those sweet little survivor Johnny Jump Ups, that pop up even in the stones between my raised beds.


Riley and I have a lot of work to do!

Fisher's Beehive Shoppe

Fisher's Beehive Shoppe

Fisher's Beehive Shoppe

Fisher's Beehive Shoppe

Fisher's Beehive Shoppe

Fisher's Beehive Shoppe

We’ve been busy buying and reorganizing the shoppe, lots of fun new things to see.

Word blocks

Word blocks 3

Word blocks 2

I’ve been playing around with these wood blocks, leftover from one of the Beekeeper’s projects.

crocheted afghan

purple crocheted afghan

I finished this little afghan (thinking of lining the back with fabric, we’ll see). This is the same pattern as Angelina’s baby afghan.

crocheted afghan

crocheted afghan

This is my current project. I started this on the drive back from Florida. I think I have ripped out as much as I have completed. For some reason this pattern was tweaking my brain. It really isn’t difficult. I’m on a roll now. The pattern is called Daisy Garden, from this book,  Crochet Afghans by the Pound .

Diona and Delilah

This is what is taking precedence in my world right now…..my daughter and granddaughter flew in from Florida for a two week visit. I’m enjoying having all five of my children and three grandchildren in the same state. God is good! 

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  1. Oh so glad to see you back. What a great update, which I needed as much as your other followers since I fortunately escaped that wicked winter weather! As helpful as this is I’m excited to get back and see it all up close and personal. Keep snapping pictures…they’re all beautiful. Love the first one and the Johnny Jump Ups…but your girls take first! All three of them…Riley included. 🙂 I never tire of seeing any and everything you create!

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