~ “My Creation Week 3” ~

We went camping again last week. The same spot back up to the lake in the  Adirondack Mountains, but this time with the Beekeeper’s family.  Finding time to create was a little tricky, I did work on a few pieces that may end up in my journal and I took a lot of photos.  Since photography definitely counts for creating in my book… I’ll start with those.

leaf on the water

creation week 3 3



blue heron


young loon

young loon

four young loons

Creation week 3

fisher with a fish

creation week 3



creation week 3


creation week 3


So the leaf on the lake is my favorite, I just love the way it turned out.  Sunsets on the lake are always beautiful and a great photo opportunity, as is the wildlife.  The geese that were using the lake for a stop off point on their way south didn’t like our kayaks passing through.  I’m not even sure how many picture I took of this blue heron, who usually evades me and this trip decided to pose for me.  I was so excited to see the young loon again that I wrote about in this post, but this time I discovered that there are four of them now.  I think they make their migration trip together, anyone know ?  The Beekeeper did lots of fishing, as did the fisher in the picture under the hubby’s hands on the reel.  If you look close that little black creature (the fisher) has a fish in his mouth.  The fire was one of “my creations”, and then the artwork I was able to get in, not a much as I had hoped, but some anyway.  It was a good week, but I’m glad to be back home.


  1. Wow all the photos are great, but I agree with you the leaf is my prefer one. Congratulations good job.

    Visit my blog: http://www.capturaviaje.com. Many thanks.

  2. Thanks for taking a look. I stopped by yours also, lots to look at, beautiful!

  3. Beautiful photos, I love the leaf also… at first I thought is was floating on air and then saw the reflection in the water, very nice.
    Thank you for stopping by, blessings today

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