~ What I Learned in September ~

Today I’m linking up with Emily Freeman at Chatting at the Sky to share what I learned in September.

art journal page

1. Art Journaling – I’ve had many journals that I’ve written in… I’ve doodled… I’ve made “art”, but never thought to combine them all together.  Now, I have seen nature journals, and people’s sketchbooks that they write notes in, but the idea of an art journal was new to me,  and I must admit fascinating!  I stumbled upon them on a couple of blogs like here and here, and I wanted to know more.  I told my sister, sister-in-law and niece one day that I was going to strongly resist the urge to start a new thing.  What a joke!  They know me better than that.  Within a couple of weeks I had immersed myself in blogs about art journaling, ordered twice from amazon, been to Hobby Lobby and found two classes to take here.  I’m gone…lovin’ this “new to me” thing. You can find me in “The Inspiration Room” with mod podge on my fingers.

2. What gesso is – This was an art journaling discovery.  Found this stuff that artists use to prepare their canvases or paper. It makes a rough surface, comes in clear, white and black.  Very fun stuff!

3. How many wonderful pens and markers are out there –  Also part of the above discovery.  Wow, how do you choose?

4. And last on this subject…I somehow learned of this sweet girl and her blog –  I’m not sure how I came to her spot in the blogosphere, but I just love these little videos of her calendar pages.  Check it out here.

5. How to make apple butter –  I had never made this and our apple trees are loaded this year, so time to learn something new.  I searched on Pinterest for apple butter recipes (there were many), read through some and gave it a whirl.  My Dad was my guinea pig, so to speak, and trust me he will tell you if it isn’t right.  The first batch was too thin.  You have to cook this for a long time, so go with the slow cooker recipes.  Here  is one to start with.

6. How to build a website – This one is an adult continuing education learning curve.  I need to move my blog to a self-hosted website, so I have begun this process.  I think the learning is definitely going to continue well into October and maybe November, so this will be on my list again next month.  I have the hosting, I’m on WordPress.org, I have framework, a new theme, and now to decorate it to my liking and transfer over from WordPress.com (keep me in your prayers)!

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