~ “My Creation Week” #1 ~

I’m a firm believer in the fact that everyone is creative.  The people that know me very well know this about me.  I have a hard time being quiet when I hear someone say, “I’m just not a creative person”.  We were all created by the ultimate creator (artist of all time), and we do carry His genes.  We may not all be in touch with Him or His creativity, but the potential is still there.  It’s a little different in all of us, but it does exist.  So I’m kinda launching off the idea of Creation week in the Bible.  Having said that I can now explain my new plan for myself.  Being creative isn’t the hard part for me, but making the time can be.  So that brings me to the reason for this post title.  I’ve come up with a way to motivate (push) myself to create something every day, which I intend to post about the following week….Eek!  I figure it will get me thinking everyday about ways to be creative, about documenting it with a photo (which is creative in itself)… and a weekly blog post to keep me committed.  So it should be a win-win for me…I make something and I have a way to remind myself of all that I’ve done each week.  So I’m thinking anything that I make goes; painting, drawing, art journaling, writing, gardening, sewing, crochet, jewelry, cooking and baking, photography…..pretty much anything goes.   Since we all know that God rested on the seventh day, I may also.  So it isn’t about exact numbers, but it is about exercising creativity as often as possible.  So here goes week one, which started last Monday.art journalwater colorart journalwater colorart journalcanned tomatoesjewelry

So from art journaling to watercolor to canned tomato sauce and a new pair of earrings… it’s not the sun, the moon and the stars, but it’s a start.  Join me and document your creativity.


  1. I love this idea of ‘creation week’. Can we pick our favorite? Mine is the journal page with the nested robin’s eggs. I “created” a new Pin on my favorite Pinterest board with it. Thanks! I’m looking forward to admiring your handiwork.

  2. You have got me excited. Now I want to make an art journal, too! Yours is so sweet.

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