~ Let There Be Light ~

Getting the right lighting for pictures can be a challenge, especially inside.  Our  house tends to be a little dark, so I don’t take too many inside shots.  That really has begun to be a problem having a blog to post on now.  And winter in New York can be very long!  I need more than outdoor “snow” shots from December to May.  I was talking to my sister-in-law (fellow blogger) about this, and she came across a blog with some help with photo lighting. Check it out HERE.  So we showed this to the Beekeeper and he made a list and worked his magic.

photo lightphoto light

The first shot is with what natural light I had in my kitchen (notice the shadow).  The second is with my new photo lights.

vintage camera/vintage jewerly

Here’s a close up shot.

photo lights

This is what the shot looked like with the lights in place.

photo lights

And these are the lights that my hubby/handiest man that I know/”The Beekeeper” made for me.  He made them a little bit sturdier than the original one in the above post, ’cause that’s the kind of guy he is and I wanted to be able to move them around a lot without concern.  Thank you to Bob and Carlene for a great idea.

P.S.  The little vintage camera is the latest addition to my “pop out” camera collection, see the others HERE.

P.P.S.  And the bracelet made with vintage brooches, I made to wear to a family wedding HERE.

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