~ A Stroll Through My Garden ~

clematiscoleushydrangeaAchilleaclematisAstilbeSweet WilliamHostaIrisPansyIris budIrisCoralBells/Blue Spruce

Annabelle Hydrangea

Elderberrygarden shots

Now to recap…first we have one of my three Clematis’, then coleus which is planted in a  mixed pot on my deck, a blue Hydrangea, Achillea (I call this Yarrow), another Chematis, Astilbe, Sweet William, one of my many Hosta (not sure but maybe September Sun), I think this next one is in the Iris family (I have three colors, I’ve had them for years so I can’t remember the name), then  pansy, an Iris bud and the same Iris open, Coral Bells and Blue Spruce, Stella de Oro Daylily, AnnaBelle Hydrangea, and Elderberry.  Whew….that made me have to think!  Hope I got them right, or at least close.  I’ll do some more another day.   I have a separate Hosta garden that I try to hide from the deer (Not always with great success, sadly!).  If you’re a Hosta lover like me, check out this great book my sister gave me after I did some gardening at her house for my niece’s graduation party, The Color Encyclopedia of Hostas.
 Happy gardening!

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