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WOW!  I can’t believe I let so much time go by since my last post….never again! (I hope!) A lot has been going on.  I’ll back-pedal a little.  Our sister did come to Florida (see last post), our brother went to Germany with their oldest son for the Nurburgring  race, so that left us 3 girls (or We Three Graces) on our own. We ate out, we went to the beach (of course at Pass-A-Grille), we had mimosas on the dock and we talked girl/mom stuff.  It was great…much needed “sister time”.

sisterssister feet

Then it was time to come home…

Spice Orange Mini Cooper

which wasn’t too difficult since we were all heading back to NY, and because the Beekeeper and I were patiently awaiting the arrival of our little “Brit”.  We call her Spice Girl (because she’s spice orange, not at all a reflection of our musical taste, just thought I’d make that clear)  and you can’t help but smile when you drive her.  I’m sure you’ll be seeing her in future posts.

My little girls

My youngest daughter and her little family came to NY for a visit.  This meant that I finally got my two granddaughters together.  I’ve realized how difficult it is to get 2 babies looking and smiling at the same time, but you get it …they’re both the most beautiful little girls ever!    At least through Nana’s eyes. Lots of holding and kisses, and a big family dinner.garlic 2013Blueberriescurrantsstrawberriesnew plants

Then it was time for gardening, which is still going on.  We’ve had quite a bit of rain this spring, so it isn’t going fast.

Mini Movie Night

Now that we have our Mini Cooper we’ve found ourselves part of a fun group.

The Minis

Can you find “Spice Girl”?

Spice Girl

Yep, there she is!!!  Little cutie!

My Car &  My Guy

And there’s the Beekeeper on the “big screen”.

It was a fun night.  The best part was after they fed us all barbecue at the dealership, we caravaned over some hilly back roads to the drive in.  Picture dozens of Minis lined up and racing over the countryside at sunset….FUN!
the Major's InnThe Major's Inn

Then a family wedding on the hubby’s side at an old country inn.The Major's Inn the Major's Inn Us

Here we are..Woo Hoo!


And lastly, the Country Living Fair has finely come to NY!


And we went, and I loved it!


It was just like the pictures in the magazine, only more fun.


We shopped….


and wandered…


and ate

CLFairand brought home a few treasures.

We  met a great couple from the area that just happened to have honeybees living in the back of their house.  So we ended up going back a few days later for a bee removal.  But I’ll save that for another post.

The Hudson RiverThey did point us in the direction of Walkway Over the Hudson, which we did.  Here are a few pictures…

The Hudson RiverThe Hudson RiverThe Hudson RiverCrave

… they also suggested this restaurant, which we also did. Great day, and long ride back home…but we drove Spice Girl so that was fun too!


  1. kristentsetsi says:

    Love your Spice Girl. I recently bought a Mini, too, also spice orange with a moonroof & white top (no stripes, though). I call it Spice Cake. 🙂

    • Patricia Fisher says:

      Kristen, I hope you are enjoying your Mini as much as I am. I was a little nervous about the color when we ordered her, but so glad that I went with it. Thanks for stopping by.

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