~ Change of Plans ~

On our way to JFK

On our way to JFK

I was supposed to be arriving in Florida today to wait out the last two weeks of my daughter’s pregnancy.  Due date for my first granddaughter, March 4th.  Excitement was in the air.  Ticket was purchased….Newark to Tampa on Sunday afternoon….  baby shower Sunday night….then shopping for the finishing touches for the nursery…and wait …wait…wait!

So,  Wednesday I’m in the middle of lunch with two of my “horsey” girlfriends and I get a call from Florida, my daughter saying, ” Mom, don’t cry, but I’m at the hospital. I’m in labor”.  So my girlfriends helped me pack, cleaned my kitchen and proceeded out to the barn to feed my little herd while the “beekeeper” rushes home.  I buy a second ticket because it cost more to change my ticket than to buy a new one!!!  We’re off to JFK, which was the only place I could find a flight to get me there as fast as possible.  While sitting in NYC traffic…my granddaughter is born!

~  Delilah Ruth  ~

~ Delilah Ruth ~

I arrive within hours…to this precious face…. and now I am spending  the next several days holding this sweet little gift from God….Happy Nana!

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