vintage cameras

I love a collection!  Truth….It’s a weakness my sister-in-law first pointed out to me.  Looking through a group of pictures she can always pick out the one I’ll be drawn to. Whatever picture is of a gathering of similar items, that’s where my eye will go.

This collection is a work- in- progress. Vintage cameras, not all vintage cameras, just the ones that pop out, I can’t seem to resist these little cuties.

china tea cups with feet

…..and my newest collection, in the beginning stages….china tea cups with feet..who knew they existed?  Well, not me, at least not until a bridal shower last fall.  That’s when I first got a glimpse of one of these sweeties, and now I have to admit, I’m quite taken with them. So the quest is on!  I found the pink one on the right (which by the way is just like the one I first saw at the bridal shower) at a lovely shop near Palmyra, NY, called The Gingerbread House.  And the other two are from this shop on etsy.

True confessions time ….although I really enjoy looking at these tea cups, I always, (and I do mean always, like every day)  drink my tea from this mug…..

cup of tea

and I believe it was given to me by my loving sister who purchased it from Starbucks!  Go figure!!!


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  2. And your inspiration continues to inspire…….me, and everyone around you. You truly are amazing…..and so loved & appreciated! Thanks for sharing <3

  3. Jan, thanks for always believing in me and supporting my never-ending list of interests. You are a great encourager…. and a wonderful sister!

  4. Jan….P.S. Thanks for the mug!

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