Garden Dreams…..

I know it’s just the beginning of January…… but the seed catalogs have been arriving in the mail and my thoughts are turning to dirt, or what I will plant in it this year anyway.

seed catalogs

Where to begin!

I was thinking of my garden the other day and a song popped in my head from my childhood, that I can’t stop singing.  My grandmother, whose house we now live in, would play her piano and sing this song called,  “I Come To The Garden Alone”.  This has stayed such a strong memory that as I write this it’s as though her and her pink piano are still in this living room with me.  So for those of you who don’t know this song, I went searching for it.  I’ve found a slightly different rendition than my “Gram’s”, but nonetheless a good one.  So enjoy some tunes while you browse some of my last year’s garden shots…..

Patricias gardenblueberriesConeflowerSunflowerSunflower and Beesold garden sinkHostapoppies patricias garden (2)patricias garden (6)patricias garden (3)patricias garden (4)patricias garden (5)patricias garden (8)patricia garden smpatricias garden
creeping phlox  patricia garden  patricias garden (7)

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